Developing a playful nature can help you loosen up. It’s time to enjoy lifelong learning, remembering that it’s what you did when you were a kid!

Lifelong Learning Classes Have It All!

By Ivy Hendy

Older people have accumulated many memories in their lives, but for most, a favorite reminiscence is using the playground swing. Swinging comes at the very beginning of our learning, when the world was new, and we were gaining confidence in ourselves…

Seniors Go Online to Learn

Senior Citizens Getting A Zing Out of Zoom

by Ivy Hendy

When the state of California first began announcing their quarantine orders, organizers of the Renaissance Society, a seniors’ lifelong learning organization in Sacramento, started switching to a digital platform. Despite the fact that the majority of the 1,800 members are over sixty, Renaissance Society participants have been…

Taking up writing in the later years of life

The Self-Publishing Alternative

I see now that discovering what I was good at was one of the major quests of my life. What I have found is that at any age there is great enjoyment in working on developing a latent potential. …

Ivy Hendy

Working on living a worthwhile life. Writer, artist, loving wife and appreciative of friends.

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